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'Platypus Burra' through the eyes of children

An Artistic journey through the eyes of children.

I have just had some lovely creative time with my grandchildren at 'Platypus Burra'. I decided to put some layering techniques into practice that Elfriede Bartnitzky had done with us adults! I wanted to enhance the children’s observation skills and combine observing lines, shapes and colour in the outdoors and then come back to put it together in a painting.

First we had a lovely walk along the edge of the river to the rapids and saw lots of examples of patterns of lines- sweeping, vertical, wavy in rocks, bark, trees, feathers etc.. Different shaped and patterned rocks and roots and trunks of trees gave a lovely character and sense of time.

A gorgeous little lizard with very long tail caught our eye and some beautiful feathers and lichen made a nice little collection to take back and draw some patterns.

After a little drawing of the lines and patterns we did some colour mixing, just using primary colours and blending and then shades - didn’t want to overdo it so off they went and started to create and let their imagination loose!

Scarlett was very involved in colour and design – Henry chatted to himself and created figures and shapes . He told us a beautiful story about the river and the gods who would want to come and drink there . (Please email me for this imaginative story!)

Annika loved the colours and to paint herself! All in all an imaginative day. Imagine what you could do !

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